Complying to Australian standards, all our swimming pool fence glass are 1200mm height, 12mm thickness Heat Soaked Toughened Glass Panel, which come with sizes from 300mm to 1500mm width. 10mm thickness,900mmX1200mm Gate Pane, 1200mm and 1500mm Hinge Panel , Hinges & Latch Packs and Spigot are offered too. All panes allow easy retro-fitting to an outdoor space. Our products offering you an affordable high-quality fence for all new and existing pool structures. Posts are available in marine grade 316L stainless steel which creates a modern frameless look for your pool area.


We provide both of outdoor and indoor balustrade systems with 12mm Heat Soaked Toughened Glass Panel. The panel is 970mm in height, 600mm-1500mm width. Two types of spigots could be adopt on different base materials. Our product makes it easy to comply with the strict requirement of Australia Standards, and easy for installation. Please contact our specialist by email: sales@angledwelling.com.au for professional advises.


Our 10mm Heat Soaked Toughened Glass Shower Screen series products include: Fixed Panel, Hinge Panel and Door Panel. Adopting different Wall Bracket and Door Hinge, it is easy to build rectangle and diamond shape shower room. Customized aluminium shower screens are offered too.